Add audio to a Keynote for iPad slide

Add audio to a Keynote for iPad slide
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"Embedding Audio in Keynote for iPad in 3 easy steps (version 1.6.1)"


The easiest way I have found to insert audio into a Keynote for iPad slide is to use an app like iMovie (for iPad) that allows you to create iPad compliant video and export the finished result to your "Camera Roll."


1. (using iMovie) First, embed the audio into the video you intend to use. No pictures are required and you may want to fade-in the audio if you intend to use it on several slides. Once you have finished embedding your audio export the finished video to your "Cameral Roll."





2. (using Keynote for iPad) Tap the "Insert Button" (plus icon) on the top navigation bar and locate the video you just exported to your "Camera Roll" then tap once to select it then tap "Use" to embed the audio/video in your slide. The video will compress then insert a large box with a play arrow in the middle onto your slide. Next comes the fun part.


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3. Finally, reduce the size of your screen by using the "pinch close" hand gesture so that you can see the entire slide and the canvas around it. Resize and move the video/audio off screen so it is not on your slide canvas. Next, tap to select the audio/video then select the "Animate" button. Tap the left/"build in" button then, select the "Start Movie" button. Select the "Options" tab then select the "After Transition" button. This will automatically play your audio/video file when you show the final presentation. Once complete select "Done" (upper right hand corner) then play your presentation to test your results.



I hope this makes sense and helps you complete your Keynote for iPad presentation.




Kevin D. Jones, Keynote for iPad Evangelist
Author - "Keynote for iPad (Enahnced eBook)"

dyates Please help, I can put the audio from iMovie onto my camera roll. From there I can get it to keynote but I can't hear the audio. The black audio thing is there on the slide but when I press play in doesn't sound. Get back to me as soon as possible p...See More
May 08 at 6:51pm
fl351c Please hlep me also with the same issue as Daytes, no audio can be heard even if the audio can be heard on the camera roll.
when imported on keynote, it did work. thank you in advance.
Sep 08 at 6:12am
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