About KeynotePlus

As a Mobile Device Template and Design Agency we combine the creativity and years of experience in designing presentations, templates, charts and diagrams in a global international business environment.  Our templates and presentations have been seen by small and large audiences around the globe.

About KeynotePlus

KeynotePlus is an online service created by TEMAC (Houston, Texas-USA & Paris, France). We specialized in easy to use persuasive iPad friendly presentations and professional designed templates for small business, education, not-for-profit and for profit companies.

KeynotePlus believes that making presentations should be easy.  Having worked with the largest multi-national companies in the world we know first hand what it takes to deliver an effective presentation. KeynotePlus believes that organizations spend far too much time creating presentations. Often times the presentations are not well designed and destroy the message. 

Company facts was founded in 2010 in Paris, France before the concept of buying ready-made Keynote for iPad templates became extremely popular.

We sell first class templates to companies worldwide. Our client companies include many of the Fortune 500, top not-for-profit organizations and some of the top Education institutions in the world.  Our staff updates slide-designs based on feedback from our user community.

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The people who work at have a passion for easy-to-use high-impact Keynote for iPad templates.

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